Pragmatic Communion

pragmatic living in the presence of God

i sort my m&m’s by color . . .

. . . before I eat them, so maybe you can understand why I can’t combine my blogs.

Pragmatic Compendium is my main blog. I try to dual post everything from my other blogs in Compendium. It’s the blog that gets the most traffic and is the most complete compilation of everything I post, regardless of topic. I’ve used categories and tags extensively, so it’s easy to search and filter.

This blog, Pragmatic Communion includes copies of devotionals and prayers I’ve also posted on my main blog, Pragmatic Compendium. I’ve just tried to make it easier to find the devotionals without wading through all the other things I write about on Compendium.

Pragmatic Commotion is all about my family. It’s a way for friends and extended family to keep in touch without having to sift through all the other stuff I write about. (This content was moved from in May of 2008 and all names were changed to pseudonyms.)

My Pragmatic Computing blog is a topical collection of computer tips, tricks and opinions on everything from productivity software to ebay to blogging to palm software to . . . you get the idea. I like technology. I don’t like work. So I’m always looking to get technology to lessen my workload, make my life easier and help me have fun! Free downloadable quick reference cards!

Pragmatic Communication is a compilation (oooo, another COM word!) of thoughts, pet peeves, cool vocabulary words, suggestions and observations about language – written, spoken and everything in between. How we interact with each other, how we should interact with each other (and how we shouldn’t). Warning: sarcasm and attempted wit used extensively.

Then there’s my actual website, where everything comes together. Theoretically, anyway.

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