Pragmatic Communion

pragmatic living in the presence of God


Pragmatic Communion is another blog I write. I try to be authentically transparent in these simple, heartfelt devotions.

Devotions for Authentic Christian Living:
I want to live intentionally, because i want no regrets
I am not embarrassed and really I don’t want a bigger, “better” house.
learning in flux. I hate flux. (seeking God’s will in my life)
even GOD rested. just. say. no. not no, because . . . – just. no.
what’s next? NOW is next. (waiting on God’s timing)
i’m not willing to trade. (waiting on God’s timing)

Devotions for Parents:
Giving your children the freedom to be different
taking every opportunity to train your child up the way he should go
The sweet honesty of a child affirms us. We’re doing something right.
Yes, we do sometimes collect them all, but we are humbly thankful.
adolesence and menopause in the same house? only by the grace of God.

Devotions for Comfort and Strength:
manna from heaven. just enough. just in time.
i am not alone if I don’t want to be. There is a fellowship of women

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